How An i18N Firm Can Help Your Software Company Expand Around The Globe

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Are you a computer software developer that is looking to start shipping your software internationally? If so, you will need to make sure that your new customers around the globe are able to understand how to use your software just as easily as your current customers, and that can be easier said than done. Here's how working with an i18N firm that specializes in internationalization can help your own company expand and grow.

Translate Your Software Instructions and Code Into Numerous Different Languages

You certainly aren't fluent in every language there is around the globe, but when you work with the right internationalization firm, you don't have to be. Your software will be rewritten in a way that makes it just as easy to understand overseas as it is in your native country. This could include re-writing on-screen instructions for the user or perhaps even changing some of the code under the hood in order to get the software to work the way the international user expects it to. 

Adjust Your Software for Local Customs and Layouts

In the United States, we write and read from left to right, and you've likely written your software instructions for the user using this method. But what if you want to sell your software in an Arabic-speaking country that reads from right to left? In that case, simply translating the software might not be good enough. You'll need to have an internationalization firm re-orient UI elements in order to make sure everything is where the international user expects it to be. 

You also might need to make sure that a unique custom layout or change doesn't throw off any of your underlying code. A country that uses DD/MM/YY for its date printout is obviously different than the USA's method of using MM/DD/YY. If you have code that is supposed to look for the current date before taking an action, this will need to be adapted for international use if you want to avoid confusing the user or getting an error message. 

Software That is Customized for Each New Country Will Get Better Word of Mouth and More Sales

International customers appreciate it when the software they buy is localized well. If you can impress your first few customers in a new country with your software, this might help get your software some good press or positive word of mouth and soon more people in that country will take a look at what you have to offer.