3 Tips For Backing Up Your Digital Items

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Paper records are becoming less common, with digital records taking their place. Many businesses run entirely on digital platforms, making their business records all digital.

Digital records and information are great because all that information doesn't have to fill up numerous filing cabinets; however, you still need to make sure you back up that information somehow.

Tip #1: Sync Tools Are Great Simple Backup Solutions

One of the backup file types that most people are familiar with is cloud sync providers. Cloud sync providers are a common backup system for individuals, as you can sync your important folders and files with your online cloud provider.

Sync tools usually work best for individuals or as a simple backup system for individual work within your business. It doesn't allow you to back up your entire server, but it allows you to back up some files.

This is not a comprehensive system for your entire business, but it is a good way to allow employees to back up important files on their own laptops or tablets. You can even use cloud sync storage to back up information employees store on their employee phones.

Tip #2: Portable Hard Drivers

Another way to back up your information is with a portable hard-drive system, such as an external hard drive or a flash drive. Both mac and pc systems have programs that allow you to back up all the information on your computer to a hard drive.

These types of programs allow you to save not just files, but also applications as well. You can also use a portable hard drive to just back up specific files and folders as well.

Tip #3: Network-Attached Storage

You can also set up network-attached storage, also called NAS. This is a storage device that you connect directly to your network. If your small business is large enough to have its own network, you can attach a storage device application that will back up everything on your servers.

This will provide you with some degree of redundancy, especially if you set up both a RIAD and NAS system for your network. You will be able to back up all the information from both desktop and laptop computers  

The way you back up your information for your business needs to grow and change as your business grows and changes. If you are a single-person operation, you can use a cloud sync tool.

As your business expands, you are going to want to back up information on portable hard drivers as well as with a network-attached storage system. A managed data backup company can help you come up with a solution that works for your small business to protect all your important data.

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