The Differences Between Managed IT Services And Managed IT Support Services

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Managed IT services and managed IT support services; they sound like the same thing, right? While these two types of services sound like the exact same thing to those who do not work in an IT department, they are two separate types of services. Yes, they are very closely related, but there are marked differences, as you shall see. 

Managed IT Services Address ALL Areas of Managing IT

This set of services addresses everything from hiring the right professionals to lead your IT department to the software your company uses to manage daily operations. When something in your tech world is not working, or someone is not working out, you hire a consultant or company that provides the extra services you need to figure out what is not working, and then provide solutions to fix the situation or problem. The scope of such companies and consultants can be quite broad, but the overarching theme is that the person or company hired to help manages it all for you.

Managed IT Support Services Provide Support for What Is Working and What Is Missing

So, let's say that you have a great IT department. Everyone does an awesome-sauce job, and everyone pulls his/her weight. Your software on your company's computer systems and the hardware you use is doing very well, too. What do you need support for?

Well, the support services address temporary "holes" in staff employment, shortages on adequate IT employees, or software that suddenly has some problems that your IT department is not quite sure how to resolve. (It happens; not everyone can be an expert on everything all the time!) That is where IT support services can help. They fit the niches that are vacant and/or troubling to the function and operation of the company, and these specialists or consultants are able to work out the bugs and fill vacancies until everything starts to run smoothly again and empty positions are either filled, or people return from leaves of absence/vacation. 

Long-Term Solutions vs. Short-Term Solutions

Managed support services are often short-term solutions for making things work better and/or keeping that which works well, work really well. Managed IT services are long-term solutions for most things that are not working well in your IT department, and/or they help make up for a lack or shortfall in skilled staff and adequate equipment and software. Sometimes, a consultant or company offers all of the above, but you only have to take advantage of what you think your company really needs. 

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