Having Internet Hacker Problems? Make Changes With Your Services, Passwords And Internet Use

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If your company has had a lot of problem with online hackers, and people getting into the company server and stealing information, it's time to make changes. Some spyware software that you buy from the local electronic store isn't enough to help your company computer network like you want, and instead you need a service that is more detailed. Here are a few of the things that you'll want to look into getting.

Network Security Enhancement

You need to improve the security of your network, so hackers can't get in when people throughout the office are working online. You don't want people hacking into the company files, getting data, stealing identities and personal information, or knowing your private company business. Find out what's being done to protect your servers and files, and then enhance it with a network security service.

Password Management

Coming up with unique passwords and remembering them to be sure that your accounts are secure can be difficult. With a password management service you can make your passcodes so elaborate and detailed that it's near impossible for anyone to come up with them, but at the same time the codes are very detailed and the manager helps you remember them. This is something you should have for yourself and for all your employees on the payroll to manage passwords.

Limited Internet Access

Internet access throughout the office should only be for people that absolutely need it, and you shouldn't let people hook up to the internet from their smart phones. At the end of the day when everyone leaves you want to have the Internet shut off, so there is no access to your company computers and data when no one is in the office working. The more limited your internet is, the easier it is for you to dodge online intrusions and problems.

You should talk with some local IT professionals about these different services to help keep your business safe, or you'll want to find an online provider of these different services. You can put your Internet on timers if you want, so you don't have to worry about people getting use of the Internet after hours, and you want everyone in the office to know that being online is on a need basis. If they don't need to be online, or you worry about them using the Internet for personal use, block all the social sites you want to keep them motivated and on task.