Important Attributes To Look For In Online Donation Services For Your Nonprofit Organization

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Keeping funds coming into a nonprofit organization is the only way to sustain your efforts for the long haul and utilizing online donation services to help you out is possibly one of the easiest ways to streamline donations in the 21st century. However, because the idea of online donation services is relatively new, as the director of a nonprofit organization, you may not be too familiar with the idea or which route is the best to take. When you are looking for an online donation service to handle incoming donations for your organization, there are a few important attributes to be on the lookout for.

The platform you choose to use should include support and training for your staff. 

Getting familiar with the hosting platform for the online donation service will be a crucial step in making sure the fundraising process is easy to achieve. In many cases, when an individual wishing to donate to your organization has questions about how to use an online donation site, they will reach out to you for answers. This means that your staff should be well-educated on the inner workings of how the platform works so they can be ready with reliable responses. Thankfully, many secure online donation services offer included training and education materials when you sign up so you can easily help your whole team understand.

Look for an online donation service that has versatile fundraising options.

The fundraising route you take now may only attract donations for a period of time and then it will be time to move onto something else. Therefore, it is best to have options available through the same hosting service so you can incorporate changes whenever you see fit. For example, if a site offers hosting fundraising auctions, a platform where you can sell tickets, and has an easy-to-navigate mobile donation option, you can use all three of these to come up with new ways to raise funds over the long term. 

Go for donation hosting services that have the lowest fees and transaction charges. 

While this may go without saying, you have to understand that every online donation service has a varying fee schedule and way in which they charge clients. While some online donation companies only charge a flat fee for using their services every month, others charge a percentage fee for every transaction, and then there will be some that charge a combination of both. Look for the host that offers a fee schedule which will be most cost efficient for your organization in the long term.