Are You Interested In A Security Career?

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Have you recently graduated from high school? Perhaps you have actually been out of high school for awhile and you are deciding what your focus in college will be. Or, for that matter, you might have decided that college just isn't for you.  You may have been giving a lot of thought to entering the world of security personnel. From knowing more about being in the Border Patrol to considering a career in cyber security, here are some ideas that might help you as you go forward.

Border Control Security - Are you an individual who simply doesn't want to sit at a desk for hours upon hours? Perhaps you are interested in protecting our American borders, mixing your love of country with your love of adventure. If you fall into that category, a career in the Border Patrol might be a good one for you. Consider the fact that you may live in areas where danger might be present. Are you up to that? Maybe you love dogs and your aim is to be canine handler in the Border Patrol. You might sent somewhere, like Big Bend National Park or another national park where you will be required to be on horse back. Think about talking to seasoned Border Patrol agents to see what they enjoy about their career and toes what the drawbacks, if any, there are.

Information Security Career - If being something like a Border Patrol agent doesn't appeal to you, maybe you would be more interested in an information security career. It's no secret that large corporations, small companies and even individuals are being threatened by unauthorized entrance into things like sensitive financial and business activity that can literally ruin them, or at least damage them and even their reputations. If you are a person who has a gift for analytical thinking and has the passion to put that gift to work in the world of security, consider how much you are willing to do to be successful in a cyber security career. Think about getting a mentor who has the experience and the training to help you understand things like coding and networking. If you do choose a information security career, be ready to work on your own, in a classroom setting and then, finally, in actual settings where you will put your skills to work under supervision by experts. While you may not need a college degree, you will need to obtain certification to land a job in this growing field.